Sally-Rouge is an artist, author and advocate living in the American Southwest, where she recently relocated from the Philadelphia region to help mitigate the symptoms of her multiple chronic illnesses. Deep in the sandy desert, she courageously battles against fibromyalgia, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, gastroparesis, degenerative disc disease, and an alphabet soup of secondary conditions. In her previous life before “Total and Permanent Disability,” she earned her degrees in criminal justice (A.S.), political science (B.A.), and education (M.Ed.). She was also an animal rescuer, model, singer, public speaker, performer, played in LARPs and regularly attended and worked at science fiction conventions and events. When her spoons are in the positive, Sally enjoys playing video games, voice acting, cosplay, sewing and all things arts-and-crafty, as well as advocating for things about which she is most passionate. Her favorite causes are pit bull advocacy and dog rescue, disability advocacy and political revolution.